Terms of Service


  • All Repair that have been made have a 60 day warranty!
  • All machine are sold as is. (Everything as be tested and works before sold)
  • EPROM - In order for me to wright the correct eprom you need for your machine I will need a picture of the old eprom. Unfortunately due to the era of the 80’s companies like Atari have purposely miss labeled their chips to stop illegal copying of there software. If the wrong chip is placed in your board you risk of damaging your board. I hold no responsibility of any damage you might cause for changing/replacing any eprom.
  • Most of the machines are made between the era 70’s thru the 90’s. We try to restore them as close as possible to factory condition. There will be times that decals and parts will not be available. In this case we will find use replacements and recondition them, or we will install suitable replacement parts. We also have a graphics designer at our disposal that can reprint decals or print related replacements.