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If you have a old machine with a broken board or just want to add new games. I sell a plug and play control panel set. This includes a new board, power supply and a Jamma harness all completely wired up for your convenience. It plays 60 titles and the installation is less then 5 minutes. There is no need to know anything about electronics or soldering to install. This will add new titles to your machine with hours of playing time. Playing games like they were meant to be played with the option of using either a joystick or trackball.

If you are looking to add more then 60 titles contact me. I also sell boards for around the same price that play a couple of thousand titles. All boards are Jamma and non Jamma boards. I do not sell pre-loaded Pi's as they emulation becomes tricky and when they glitch, stop working there are not user friendly and you will need to remap controls and program front ends. And like all computers the do have there issues and limitations.

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If you are in the need of a new eprom for you machine look no further. I will can wright you a new epromt and send it out. Money back granted.
In order for me to wright the correct eprom you need for your machine I will need a picture of the old eprom. Unfortunately due to the era of the 80’s companies like Atari have purposely miss labeled their chips to stop illegal copying of there software. If the wrong chip is placed in your board you risk of damaging your board. I hold no responsibility of any damage you might cause for changing/replacing any eprom.

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3) Board Repairs

I repair all Jamma and non Jamma boards as well as monitor chassis's. I have fixtures in my work shop to test these boards so there is no need for a technician to come out to you and pay a hourly charge. All boards repairs are a set rate fee of $150 this includes parts and a 60 day warranty. If you have a monitor no need to ship the complete monitor as they are very heavy. I have a couple of different CRTs that will match up different monitor boards for testing.

All Repairs come with a 60 day warranty.

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4) Rejuvenate Your CRT Monitor

Is your color Dull?

Don’t look Vibrant?

DON’T Think it is time to replace it. Rejuvenate it! This method has been around for years. As we enter the day of flat screen monitors, some gamers have been leaning towards that route. But this is not always the best decision in arcade machines. Do your research first and you will find in most cases LCD or LED monitors don’t compare to a CRT tube. Specially in this industry they don't fit correctly to an arcade with out modifying either the cabinet or monitor. They are different dimensions and leave awkward gaps between the screen and the cabinet.

Here is some examples of Flat screen monitors to CRT. You will clearly see the difference in game quality.

Flat screen

CRT Monitor

If you have a CRT that is working fine and just want to clean and balance the guns to insure top quality I can perform this service as well. Please got to the contact us tab and fill out your contact information. If you are having a issue with your monitor please describe your issue as best as you can and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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