Elevate Your Arcade Experience

Revamp your arcade machine effortlessly with our services

1) Repair and Restore

I provide in-house service for all types of pinball and arcade machines. Carrying over 255 different circuit board parts as well as coils, switches and opto's in the truck.

I also provide restore options with pickup and delivery for those looking to rework there machines back to new like conditions.

2) Expert Board Repairs

We specialize in expert board repairs! Our shop has all the tools to get your board running correctly. Just send the board and our experts will take care of the rest!

Some of the boards we repair include:

3) EPROM Replacement

If you have a machine in need of a new eprom, give us a call! We can program a new eprom specific for your machine. If you need a specific version please mention it when you call us, or notate it in our contact us form.

4) Upgrade Your Old Machine

With the plug-and-play control panel set that we sell, you can upgrade your old machine! This includes a new board, power supply, and wired Jamma harness. After installation, you'll have access to 60 or more game titles for your enjoyment! and you'll have the choice to play with either joystick or trackball

Rediscover the thrill of arcade gaming with our cutting-edge solutions. Contact us today!